Serving Tray – WIP

Top Prototype Serving Tray Work in Progress. Not the best pictures because the lighting in the shop is not good for pictures. [...]

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Shop Display Shelf Unit

You'll find endless uses for these attractive display unit. They are easy to move, set up and store. Works well for trade shows, in-store use, flea markets, craft shows and [...]

Shop Display Shelf Unit – WIP

Prototype work in progress. Still need to finish the left side and finish with stain. [...]

Minca Designs at Walnut Street Marketplace

About: Walnut Street Marketplace is a weekend co-op market featuring painted furniture, home decor and fabulous finds. [...]

Reversible Snowman and Scarecrow Decoration – WIP

Snowman Work In Progress
Winter is coming! Decorate your front porch, mantel or anywhere you choose with this charming snowman made from wooden boards. It is DOUBLE SIDED, with Mr. Scarecrow on one [...]

Shot Glass Display Finished

Shot Glass Display finished feature
Large 100(ish) Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet Shadow Box - Solid Wood. This display case is a masterpiece for serious shot glass collectors. A great way to display [...]

Workbench with Tool Well-NFS

Feature Image
First off this is Not for sale. It started out to be just a simple workbench with a center tool well. Then it transformed into a Miter Saw table with a sliding center slot for [...]

How to make sure that your pallet is safe to use

Pallet Stamps
Every pallet has a label stamped on in somewhere. If your pallet does not have this label – don’t use it – you are putting yourself at risk. The label will have several [...]