Workbench with Tool Well-NFS

First off this is Not for sale. It started out to be just a simple workbench with a center tool well. Then it transformed into a Miter Saw table with a sliding center slot for the saw itself.

Just showing that not all workbenches need to be ugly. This beauty is 35″ high. which is the perfect height to put tools and work on projects. It also measures 52″ from side to side. Bigger then most our projects that are 32 to 48 inches.

This was a fun little weekend project. Started with (12) 2×4 some tools and a little know how and bingo you have a workbench.

We started by cutting down the 2×4’s to a rough length of 60″ and planed them smooth. Then joined 5 of them for the front and 5 for the back. We then joined 2 for the tray and used pocket holes to secure it all together from the bottom.

The finish is a simple white latex paint on the legs. The top is where the magic comes in. We set the whole thing on FIRE. That’s right we burnt the top black. Then sanded it down. This gives the top a reverse stain look. The knots are light and the wood grain is dark. We then applied a think coat of Weathered Oak satin and let that sink into the grain. Three coats of brushing lacquer later you have a very durable work surface. Cleanup should be a breeze.

The pictures don’t show the slider in the center but the saw is adjustable left and right to hold the wood on the removable arms on the sides according to the length of the wood being cut. Its like having an extra pair of hands.


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