Wine Rack – Double Decker – WIP

Work in progress – These Mini Bars are perfect for storing your barware in a small space, great for apartments, living rooms, or down in the man cave. Where else could you store 6 wine glasses, 8 highball glasses, over 10 shot glasses and 6 bottles of your favorite spirits all in a 3 foot by 2 foot wall space.

I make these Mini Bars with great pride. I start by picking the best pine with good looking grains, I then sand these Mini Bars three times to make the grain really stand out. Right before staining I will hand sand down all the edges giving it a real smooth finish. When the sanding is all done I will apply a per stain, which soaks into wood so when the stain is applied it gives the grain a nice even look. I put a lot of time and pride in making these mini bars to get the best results. These bar are heavy duty and will last a life time.