Minca Designs Logo

Founded on August 9, 2015 and located in Warren, Michigan 48092. Owned by a husband and wife team. He builds them and she paints and finishes them. Our primary goal is to reuse and repurpose old things and materials to give them a new life.

Minca Designs is your destination for arts, crafts, and home decor.

We create rustic woodworks from reclaimed (Pallets and Barnwood) lumber to make furniture and home decor to help turn your house into a home. We found that we could craft heirloom furniture from these previously lost and discarded materials. We are a very unique company in that we offer a broad spectrum of goods and products that may include but not limited to wine racks, patio bars, benches and even signs.

We design and build our products with the materials we have in stock at the time of construction. The lumber “speaks” to us during the build process. No two creations are exactly the same. We can recreate the look and feel but each piece is unique to the build and process required to create each one.

Our Catalog has some examples of our work.