Serving Trays

Price: est. $ 45.00

This serving tray is made from reclaimed pallet wood.

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Use it as a centerpiece with a beautiful floral arrangement or serve your friends and guests wine and cheese. Serve breakfast in bed or take a cup of coffee to the deck. Or maybe put it on a vanity to hold perfumes and jewelry. The uses are limited only by your imagination.

Makes a great gift for a wedding, shower or house warming. Because of the versatile style these trays can be used with virtually any decor.

Each tray is unique and hand fabricated to order and can be finished in any color or size.

The exact tray pictured is not available but provides a visual of the tray you will receive. The tray shipped to you will vary slightly in color, size and visual effect due to the variation in cracks, nail holes, previous damage marks and type of wood, all of which add character to your unique tray. Your tray will be a true “one of a kind” family heirloom.


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