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DIY Chalk-Style Paint Recipe

Chalk finish paint is a fantastic product, but it’s expensive and can cost up to $35 for just a quart. However, with just some basic ingredients you can make [...]

Join us at the Pop Up Shop

Join us this Friday through Sunday @ Walnut Street Marketplace/Howell Holiday Boutique. Google Directions: 205 N. Walnut St, Howell, MI. Times and [...]

Minca Designs at Walnut Street Marketplace

About: Walnut Street Marketplace is a weekend co-op market featuring painted furniture, home decor and fabulous finds. [...]

How to make sure that your pallet is safe to use

Every pallet has a label stamped on in somewhere. If your pallet does not have this label – don’t use it – you are putting yourself at risk. The label [...]

Boost Page on Facebook

I saw this the other day while on facebook. Would this compel you to click and like our Facebook page if you had not already done so? Here are some of [...]

Hello from Minca Designs!

Minca Designs Logo
Welcome to our new [...]